Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor Day ReCap

So I'm a week late on updating the blog world on what we did last weekend. I'm just sure you have all been sitting there in sheer anticipation, waiting for me to inform you on what Chris and I did for Labor Day.... cue extreme exaggeration:)

We decided that it would be great to end Summer with a day at the beach, just the two of us. Gulf Port, Mississippi is about an hour away, and they have a Dairy Queen, which is bonus points because NOLA doesn't have any. It was a hot day at the beach, VERY LITTLE breeze, notice the lack of any waves. Have you ever seen the gulf so lackluster?? We've been to Gulf Port before, so we knew what to expect. The water is yucky and we hardly got in it. With the Mississippi River Delta not too far away, it causes the salt/fresh water ratio to make the water murky. 

This was the temp Sunday afternoon around 2:30 in Amite, Louisiana. It was smokin' hot outside! Ode to fall temperatures.....

To celebrate actual Labor Day, on Monday night we invited some seminary friends over to BBQ some chicken. The heat actually had us all huddled inside our living room to eat, and we enjoyed swapping some silly stories. 

I enjoyed having Monday off of school, but it really didn't make the week go by any quicker. This week at school was pretty long, trying to stuff enough learnin' for 5 days into 4 can be quite a struggle!

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