Thursday, June 6, 2013

1st Day of Summer

So today I embarked on a great adventure! TODAY was my first real day of summer! No students, no conferences, no work, just sweet relaxation.

Last Thursday I said adieu to my sweet fourth graders. It was the students' last day of school and I was more than ready to bid them farewell for the summer. That Thursday morning we had an award cermony and then all but four of my kiddoes checked out to begin their summers early. I only cried a little while I said goodby to my student that I awarded with "Most Improved Student of the Year." I don't mean it lightly when I say that I worked my bumm off for this child. In her reading test scores she grew from a very low approaching basic to a high mastery score. Her hard work paid off, and when she gave me a big hug with eyes watering telling me that she wished I was her teacher in 5th grade, I couldn't help but get weepy.

Then Friday was our teacher records day. I had to pack up some things from my classroom so the janitors could come in over the summer and scrub down the walls and wax the floor.

By the way, I haven't shared with my blog readers, but even though I had to go through the ringer with all the job stuff for next year, things went full circle, and next year I will be staying in 4th grade! I am estatic! It's funny how God always works things out!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have been at a teaching conference all day for 4th and 5th grade teachers. I'm not gonna lie, IT WAS SUCH A BUMMER, to have to go to a conference right at the start of summer and knowing that everyone else was already sleeping in and forgeting about school work. It was tough staying focused, but now that it is over I am glad that it was at the start of summer instead of cutting in at the end. 

So what did I do for my first day of summer?

Well, I slept in until a whopping 8:00, filled a trash bag with old clothes from Chris and I to be donated to the Seminary Swap Shop, did some laundry, washed a few dishes, watched some boring morning news shows, and went to the campus pool for a couple of hours.

Overall a start to a pretty root tootin' break!

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