Monday, March 31, 2014

Bumpdate- 23 Weeks

Baby's Growth: Little bit is the size of a papaya and is just a little over a foot tall. She weighs about 1 and 1/4 pounds and supposedly can respond to sounds she hears from outside the womb. 

Movement: She kicks and rolls a lot. Some days I can tell there is greater pressure on my bladder than others. 

How I'm Feeling: Two words: leg cramps. I have been getting pretty killer leg cramps at night that wake me up. I also seem to get them more often in my left leg than my right one. My entire calf muscle just squeezes and sends shooting pain leaving my calf stiff and sore into the next day. My doctor told me to take a calcium supplement on top of my prenatal and that might help. I probably get them from being on my feet all day teaching. I feel like I rarely sit down. 

Favorite Moment This Week: 

Elizabeth was so cute at our ultrasound last week. She had her hands all over her face, and wouldn't move them until the very last of the appointment. She kept putting both of them up over her eyes or clutched near her mouth/ears. She also had her sweet legs stuck straight out and her ankles were crossed. It will be neat seeing her after she is born sleep with her legs crossed and her hands near her face. We are going to have to get some of those little baby gloves that protect her from scratching herself!

Every picture has an arm or hand in the way.

Look at that nose and lips! Right now her features are prominent because she has very wrinkly skin and no body fat. Soon those cheeks will be filled out so we can kiss and pinch them. 

Little foot print. For me the coolest part was being able to feel and watch her move at the same time. When I sit and just feel her kicking or rolling I wonder what she is really doing in there, and I could watch her move on the screen while I felt her. An experience that's kind of hard to explain. 

Most looking forward to: 
Next week is LEAP standardized testing for my students. Testing week and the weeks leading up to it are the most stressful couple of weeks to be a teacher. This week we are reviewing everything to help reinstate what we have been learning all school year. I am also trying to instill confidence in my students. I think that if you can make a student believe in themselves, that they can do it, then they do much better. 

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