Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bumpdate- 20, 21, and 22 Weeks

(if you are looking at this on an iphone, the song won't always appear. fyi I posted a song:) 

I know it's been a while since I posted my last bumpdate. Things have been cray cray around here the past couple of weeks. At least this one is on time:) 

I have been loving this song right now, "Let Them See You" by the JJ Weeks Band. As far as parenting goes, everyone who doesn't have kids are of course the best parents ever (...who's not guilty of this one...). Of course since we are expecting, I have really been thinking about the values that I want to teach Elizabeth. I have heard this song every day either on my way to work or on my way home for the past 2 weeks straight. I cry every single time because I think about how this is my number one goal for her. I want her to see Jesus in me. I want to be the example for her like our parents were for us.  I sing this as a prayer that my Christ can use me as an example of His love to my children. I feel like if all parents put this as their first goal, then everything else will trickle into place. (that's our goal anyways:)

Baby's Growth: At 22 weeks she is the size of a corn on the cob and has a layer of fine hair just like corn silk. She supposedly sleeps 12-14 hours a day and weighs close to a pound. Her eyes are perfectly formed except she lacks the pigment in her iris. We're pretty much convinced she is going to have brown eyes from her Waldron genes, either way they will be beautiful! 

Movement: I have been able to feel her for some time now. Online and in baby books it describes the first feelings of movement as butterfly wings across your belly. For me it felt more like a worm wiggling in there! Now we can really feel her move. Sometimes she will surprise me and give a couple of kicks while I'm teaching.

Weeks 20 and 21 it felt like she was jumping on my bladder at times. She really was positioned where her feet were kicking right on it. I would get a ping and immediately feel like I was going to wet my pants. Luckily her kicks weren't that powerful yet and there weren't any accidents! 

Now her kicks and jabs occur all over. One moment on the top of my stomach, and the next moment something is going on over on the side. Chris will put his hand on my stomach and can feel her too! Just yesterday he put his ear and head down on my belly to listen and she gave a jab right to the side of his face! It was perfect timing, and the look on his face was priceless! Already getting on to Daddy. 

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing great. The second trimester is considered the "honey moon" time frame of pregnancy. My class is going okay this year, just super stressful with common core and the standardized testing, but I won't go on a rant on that.

Last Friday I brought donuts for my class and waited until the end of the day to give them out. I surprised them and passed one out to everyone and made them all wait before they could dig in. Then I said, "Alright, anyone notice what the donut is missing?" Of course they all said, the hole in the middle. I replied, "That's right. It's missing it's baby. But that's okay because Mrs. Bagley has one. I'm going to be having a baby!"

Screams were emitted. I never knew fourth graders would get that excited. (let's get real it was the donuts)

I wish I could have recorded their remarks and replies. Kids really do say the darnest things. Some of them hoped that she would look like them. Some of them wanted to say that she was their cousin. Some of them said that she is going to be smart because I was going to teacher her everything. 

Before I told them the gender we made a mock chart on the board and I let them vote. Boys easily won. I only have 6 girls. The names they were suggesting were halirous. Mostly after themselves or famous movie character names.  

I want to give a shout out to those couple of students who found my facebook page and my blog over Christmas. If you still read this, (I don't think they do, but you never know) thank you for respecting my privacy. I never had to deal with rumors or anything. Thanks for letting me get to tell everyone when I was ready. You totally rock, and will forever be my babies! "Don't make mama mad 'cause she will kara-te chop!" (inside joke) 

Favorite Moment This Week: Getting my hair did and ordering a couple of tops for walmart maternity online. I just needed a couple of things to help me feel not so frumpy, and walmart maternity has basic shirts and dresses that are very well priced. I'm super excited my order is in and relieved that I will have a couple new things to wear.

Most looking forward to: This Thursday is my next doctor appointment and I am very excited because we are getting to do another ultrasound. At our gender reveal and anatomy scan the technician wasn't able to get good positioning to do all her checks on Elizabeth's sweet face. We could clearly see that everything was normal, but she wanted to do another one just to make sure. Liz had her head propped up next to the placenta and it was blocking some of one side. I really am hoping to get some good 4D pictures this time! 

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