Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bumpdate- 19 Weeks

In case you missed the facebook post, our precious baby is a beautiful girl! 

Baby's Growth: 19 weeks!! Eekk! She is now the size of a zesty zucchini and is starting to spout little hairs on her tiny head:) She is also developing a waxy coating that protects her skin from the amniotic fluid and makes traveling down the canal a little easier at birth. 

Boy or Girl: Elizabeth Lynn is the most beautiful thing I have ever set my eyes on. She is absolutly perfect! Our appointment was amazing and it was so wonderful to have our mamas there to experience it with us! We could see her moving her arms around trying to find her mouth and her legs were perfectly crossed just like a lady! We weren't able to get a close up, front image, of her precious face because she was using the placenta like a pillow and actually has her head right up next to it. We could see her face, but the doctor wasn't able to get a good 3D ultrasound picture because the placenta was a little in the way. 

She is measuring right smack dab on the day and the ultrasound technician said, "She is perfect!" Since her legs were crossed they made me drink some cold water, and in just a few minutes she moved so she we could see her little bum and tell that she was a girl. Chris and I have loved the name Elizabeth because we feel like it is very southern and classic. Chris's great grandmother's name was Elizabeth, and the middle name Lynn comes from both my mamma's and my middle name. 

In this picture you can see her mouth is open. We were able to see her lips opening and closing. One hand is up close to her head and the other arm is hanging down her side. She was obviously looking for that thumb to suck on. 

Chris says that she was giving us a little wave:)

Yep... she's a thumb sucker! You can see her thumb made it to her mouth:) Now if that's just not precious. 

This is not the best picture to show how her legs were crossed, but it's the only one we got. This picture is showing her side/back and you can see her legs were crossed one over the top. During the appointment, the doctor would pan down and we could see she was relaxed and chillin' with her thumb in her mouth and her legs crossed! Just like a little lady.

How I'm Feeling: On cloud nine! We admit, we really thought it was a boy, so we were surprised when we first found out it was a girl! We love her so much already, and love being able to call her by her name now. 

Favorite Moment This Week: Having our moms here was such a blessing. Listening to their reactions in the ultrasound room was something I will never forget. I loved getting to share this experience with them, and can't wait to share many more with all of our family. I wish everyone could have been in that room with us! She is one loved little girl already and has so many people who are excited about her arrival and praying over her life already!

Most looking forward to: Our next appointment in March we get to have another ultrasound to get a good look at her face. The doctor wasn't able to get a clear 3D to make her checks, so she wants to do another one just to be sure. I'm glad we will get to see her again, and in a month she will be even bigger and we will be able to see even more! 

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