Monday, February 24, 2014

Bumpdate- 18 Weeks

(picture taken at 6:30 in the morning. hints the bags under my eyes)

Baby's Growth: At 18 weeks little bit it the size of a mango or sweet potato. This week facial features are developing and it can yawn, hiccup, swallow, and maybe even suck its thump. According to my app, the baby is like a karate martial artist by punching, kicking, and thrashing about, I just can't feel all of its movements yet.  

Boy or Girl: The time has come. This Thursday will be the day we will find out:) 

How I'm Feeling: Anxiety about our appointment has set in. Last time we saw the baby it was 7 weeks and hardly the size of a gummy bear. Now we will see all its arms, legs, blood circulation, and take vital measurements! It's nerve wracking to me because I just want everything to be healthy. I know once we see that sweet baby on the screen all those worries will fade, but anticipation is getting to me now:) 

Favorite Moment This Week: Sunday here was a rainy day. Evening church was cancelled and we were able to come home, get in our PJ's, and watch a movie on the sofa. Sundays are so busy for us because we are gone all day, so it was such a nice break to get to be lazy on a rainy day. 

Thankful For: Our mamas! They are coming into town and we are gearing up for a tear filled trip with lots of baby talk! 

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