Monday, June 9, 2014

Bumpdate- 32 and 33 Weeks

At 33 weeks, Liz Bit is the size of a honeydew melon. She now keeps her eyes open when she is awake and closes them when she sleeps. Apparently she is now starting to run out of room since she is getting bigger and I am supposed to feel her less, but actually I think I feel her more! She seems to constantly be moving and taping her feet on my ribs. The past couple of days when I lay down in bed at night my ribs are sore from the pressure of her pressing on them all day.

How I'm Feeling:
In my last blog post I was bragging on how I haven't swelled, well that changed this week! Even on the night we drove for NOLA to GA I noticed my toes were a little bit sausage looking. Since being here I have had to take my wedding rings off and I feel like my face has gotten plumper. I feel great, but just think I have started to retain water. I am blaming it on the different altitude adjustment and all the salty, good foods everyone has been spoiling us with this week. I'm hoping that as we get into a routine and start eating more normal, it will get better. 

Favorite Moments:
Although is has been just a week since we moved to our new place, it seems like we have jammed a month's worth of activity! We are pretty much all unpacked and making the house feel like our home. My most favorite part has been loving getting doted on by our family this week!! I have realized just how much I have missed them all over the past three years. Little things like my mother in law making us an extra meat loaf to take and cook at our place, my daddy just deciding to pop on over after work to help cut a hole out for our dishwasher, Nana making us dinner and fried pies, calling Papa to come over to deal with the weirdos that were sitting by the street, and riding on over to our cousin's house for no real reason but 'just because.' Gosh we have missed out, and are sooo enjoying getting back used to having help and not having to rely on just ourselves. Blessed, doesn't even begin to describe it!

Most Looking Forward To:
I am ready for this next week and am hoping to settle down a little bit into a routine. Our first week back has been so busy, that we just need life to slow down a little bit. Working non-stop and going non-stop begins to take its toll both mentally and physically. I love the bussle but am ready to get to enjoy laying on a float in the lake, getting Little Bit's nursery ready by putting together her crib and furniture, and enjoying some time spent getting back used to living in the area!

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