Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bumpdate- 15 Weeks

Baby's Growth: At 15 weeks baby is the size of an apple or an avocado! It is about 4 inches long and is practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid. This week the eyes are moving closer to the font of the head and their ears are moving to the sides to make our little bit look more like a human and less like a little alien:)

Boy or Girl: Mark your calendars because we will know February 27th which one it is! We are very excited to have our mama's flying in to go to our apointment with us! When we told our doctor that they were coming into town for the apointment she laughed and said that we better make sure we have plenty of tissues! I'm so glad they are traveling all this way to share in the moment!

Cravings: We went to the movies Saturday to see Lone Survivor and I finally got my coke icee! Let's just say I was 'that person' making the really loud slurping noises during the movie to make sure I sucked up every last drop!

How I'm Feeling: I'm doing good. No complaints this week! I'm sure Chris is excited because I am thinking I'll be able to get back in the kitchen to make dinner this week. He has had to man the meal making the past couple of weeks and has done a wonderful job, but I'm sure he is glad to pass that torch back to me. 

Favorite Moment This Week: Thursday we went to our 15 week doctor appointment and got to hear the heartbeat again. This time we could really hear it, loud and clear! Chris even recorded it and we emailed it to our parents to share! We got some tear filled phone calls from Gran and Papa after they heard that wonderful sound!

"Best dang heart beat there ever was!" (we're not partial or anything)

Another pretty awesome part of the week was both of us having our schools cancel for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As you can see the amount of snow/ice we got was just plain detrimental.

Clothes: This week I'm going to go look for 1 pair of work maternity pants and 1 pair of maternity jeans. I want to find some jeans that I can roll up to make into capris without looking weird. I'm going to go check out tjmax and goodwill first, then I'll check out oldnavy or gap. My pants are fine now, but I know one morning the next couple of weeks I'm going to wake up and have an ugly cry over having nothing to wear. Let's avoid all ugly cries if possible.

Most Looking Forward: Getting this next week over with. With the days off for weather last week I have to pack a lot into my students this week to make up for it! It's gonna be a doozy. 

Thankful For: I can't get over how thankful I am for our families right now. The precious phone calls after hearing the heart beat recording will be something I hope to never forget. Even though we have distance between us our families have really reached out to be there, by calling and text messages. Even last night, I sat and listened to Chris skype with the Carder Clan and it is so much fun making jokes and being included even though we aren't there in person!

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