Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bumpdate- 14 Weeks

Baby's Growth: At 14 weeks baby is the size of a lemon or a nectarine and is about 3 and 1/2 inches long! Apparently their reflexes are imporving and will wiggle away when my tummy is poked, but I just won't be able to feel it for a couple more weeks.

Boy or Girl: Chris and I have pretty much decided on a boy and girl name. We are waiting to tell everyone when we find out the gender because we want it to be a special surprise! Since we both grew with very popular names, we want our children not to have to deal with having so many others with the same name. The names we've picked out are VERY normal, yet in today's society of babies named Apple, Kyd, or Blaze, the name will hopefully not have as many copies as ours did. 

How I'm Feeling: I've been dealing with the nausua a little bit better this week. I've learned when I have to eat to avoid the empty stomach plague. Whenever my stomach has nothing in it is when the nausea is at it's worst. 

Favorite Moment This Week: It was nice having Monday off for MLK holiday. Last Monday I just did little things around the apartment and stayed in my PJ's all day:)

Sleeping: I have woken up every morning this week at 4:30 to use the bathroom. It's been so anoying because my alarm is set for just an hour later. Getting up to make a quick trip to the bathroom isn't an easy affair because the second I stand, I get nauseous. So I have to nibble on a cracker (which doesn't really seem to work) and make a quick dash.

Clothes: My mama sent me a package this week of some maternity shirts and I really thought that was super sweet. My belly band I ordered came in and I've been wearing it. I like it because it's longer than some of my shirts and gives that "layer" look. I've only gained 3 pounds so my pants all fit, they are just starting to get snug.

Most Looking Forward: Thursday is my 15 week doctor appointment so I am looking forward to listening to Little Bit's heartbeat again!

Thankful For: My many blessings from my Lord and Savior.

Sometimes I try to count them, but they're too many I confess. 
So with arms upraised, I just say still blessed!

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