Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bumpdate- 13 Weeks

Baby's Growth: At 13 weeks baby is the size of  a jalapeno and is about three inches long! Apparently it's a 'hip' thing to compare the size of the baby to a piece of produce. It also now has fingerprints and the vocal cords are developing. (I love baby apps for my cell phone)

Boy or Girl: So far about half the people we've talked to say boy and half say girl. Not leaning toward one way or the other. Even I don't have that 'gut' feeling of the gender some moms say they have. We shall just wait and see at our 18 week appointment

Cravings: Ice. Anything cold. Love cold water and ice from the ice machine at work. I also really want a coke icee, like the kind you would get at the movie theater, but we haven't been to the movies and I'm sure they aren't the best choice for a preggo. 

How I'm Feeling: Really not wanting to be whiny, I do not want to be a complainer. I'm sure Chris and my mother have gotten tired of hearing the details of every time I get sick. I try to save it all for them:) Mornings are rough, and evenings are also hard. For some reason every time the clock strikes 8:30 at night my stomach decides to do a flip flop. Lunch is the only real meal I can gulp down at one sitting, but what do you expect when you're pregnant? I really don't have it as bad as I've heard stories about. Usually I knock half a zofran back once a day and I'm good to go.

Favorite Moment This Week: Since this is my first bumpdate, my favorite moment so far has been getting to tell everyone and knowing our secret is out. I don't like to keep secrets from my family and it's nice to know that part is over with. It's been super fun talking all things baby with everyone and hearing all the congratulations.

My students don't know yet, although some of them have seen rumors on facebook. Apparently when someone shares my pregnancy posts and their profile is not set with privacy controls, it makes it go public, and when they searched my name on facebook over Christmas break they saw it. I just shrugged it off, but my blog is accessible to anyone on the internet. So if you are one of my sweet, most precious, and caring 4th graders, and if you are reading this, please respect my privacy as I respect yours:)

Sleeping: haha... no problems here. I usually am in bed by 9:00 and dragging out of bed at 5:30.

Clothes: I've been lucky in the clothing department because I was losing weight before I got pregnant. So my clothes were all pretty loose, leaving some room for growth. I have bought a couple of shirts and just got them more baggy. 

Most Looking Forward: When the first trimester is over, a lot of women feel better with less nausea and more energy. I'm really looking forward to that:)

Thankful For: A loving husband. Chris always is great, but he's been perfect these last couple of weeks while I've been back at school. He has handled the kitchen like a pro, cause every time I go in there I get queasy. He takes care of me by bringing me crackers and water. He even has cleaned out my throw up trash can a couple of times!

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