Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Happy Happy!!

Wow!! A couple of weeks ago I got the keys to my classroom.
I dragged Chris to the school because he HAD to see my classroom.

Chris took one look around and said, "Wow!! There are desks, a board, little computers. Yep, I think it's a classroom!"

He can be very sarcastic sometimes. I gave him my evil eye look and he closed his mouth! haha

Aren't the little cubbies so cute!!
This area right here is going to be transformed into the reading "Pig Pit."
I am doing my classroom as Mrs. Bagley's Barnyard Bunch!
Isn't so Cute!!!
(Chris is totally rolling his eyes right now! haha)

We spent about an hour in the classroom. I unlocked all my closet doors and looked in!

I am speechless! I am blessed by having so much supplies! I don't think I have to really buy one single thing for the classroom!

I already have plenty of books, games, manipulatives, construction paper, glue, scissors, folders, and ETC.

This is the view from my desk! I can not wait until I get to come in and set up all the little student desks and put up decorations.

Right now my room is being used as a Nintendo Wii room for a Summer Camp, so I am not allowed to really go in and do any rearranging:)

I am one very HAPPY Girl!

This here is a teachers paradise! One classroom, that is as CUTE as can be!
Now all I need are 19 little bodies to fill it up!!

The count down to August 11th has begun!

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