Sunday, July 17, 2011


Alex and Ashley are here!! WHOOPIE:)
We have been all cruising through town and trying to see what kinda trouble we can get into!


with the rain.....

we haven't got into much trouble at all!!

Yesterday we went and walked around the French Market. We did some shoppin.
Ya know Ashley, she did some GOOD shoppin:)

I like these masks!
Alex's has a really long noise
Ashley's is fire for her Fiery Personality!
I'm tellen ya what, this girl can come up with the fastest come backs!

I can officially cross off on my NOLA bucket list of taking a picture with a guy being a statue of me being a statue!

This guy was funny....

Especially, when he finally did move he sacred the pants off Ashley!!

Alex took this picture at the perfect time to catch that face!!

Today we have been down Bourbon Street and it starting raining
and tonight we are going on a Haunted Tour!!

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