Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tonight my Women's Minstry Class was on the topic of.....

Wait for it.............

.......drum roll.....


I agree that it is very important for a ministers wife to show hospitality in her mannerisms and how she opens her house, mind, and family up to others.


We discussed proper Table Place Setting!

The picture at the top of this blog post is a picture taken with my phone of an ACTUAL handout that my professor discussed with us!

Yeah right... I will most likely never set up my dinning room table like this! It is so un-realistic!

When I have people over to my house I want them to feel comfortable, not be blown away by the vast amount of silver ware on the table!

My professor, who happends to be the wife of the President of the Seminary, told the class that she sets her table like this on a normal basis.

She also said that it makes people feel important and cared for when you put such an effort into serving a meal.

Ok, Ok, I get the point of being hospitabitable,
 but I guess my guests will just have to be happy sitting at my table with a paper plate, mix matched glasses,
and using a left-over napkin that is from Chris and mine's wedding!

At least when you are eating with Chris and I you know you will enjoy lots of laughs and won't leave the table hungry! 

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