Monday, July 30, 2012

Nooooo Way!

Today was my first day of new teacher in service week.

All new teachers in my parish must go 1 extra week for training.

Today we got our emails, attendance, grading software, and Promethean board accounts all set up.

I'm not sure if all you readers remember,
but last year I was teaching 1st grade and had a total of 20 students.

Out of those students I only had 5 girls.
Ohhhh how those sweet, precious, giggly girls were angels compared to those 15 mean, sweaty, and stinky boys.

I am now eating my hopes and prayers 
with my foot caught in my mouth,
cause today I got to see my 4th grade roster.

Guess What!!

I have a total of 17 students.
(I talked to another 4th grade teacher at my school and she told me that she currently only has 16 students and last year only had 16 students also.)

Now my number of students can definitely increase due to late 

but as of right now....

out of my 17 4th graders

only 3 are boys!


Lord-oh-Mighty what I am I gonna go with 14 girls!

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