Monday, August 6, 2012

Bit the Bullet

OK to start this post off, I have say that here recently it has been hot.
I mean with capitals H-O-T!

I know if you watch Good Morning America, they will report that it is only 91 degrees here,
but I must add that number is not including the heat index!

In fact, Saturday morning around 11:30, I was listening to the radio while headed to the grocery store,
and they reported that the days temperature was going to be 93 degrees with a heat index over 118!!

That's a 25 degree difference! 

The humidity here is out of control, and I have been sporting a major afro lately. Thank goodness for big hair clips, ponytails, and hair straighteners. 

That brings me to the reason why Chris finally just bit the bullet
and bought him one of these babies.

Now how often do you catch a man reading the directions:)

Yes Siree! That there is an R-V:) But now Clark, don't go getting too attached, cause we're takin' it with us when we leave here next month.
(inside joke for my family. Yes I still quote Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation all year long)

 Chris researched and finally picked him out a window unit air conditioner for his office.
Seriously it gets deathly hot in there, so now he is able to go back into his little man chamber and study without me distracting him:) 
I had actually been encouraging him to get one for quite a time now. 

When he was installing this thing I was a nervous basket case. I kept thinking it was going to fall right out the window. At one point I actually just left the room because I couldn't watch. 
 I know you can't tell from the picture but he was sooooo happy! COOL air:) 
What did people do without air conditioning?
I guess you just get used to it and now we are all so spoiled from the sweet relief of cold air.

 Thank you Lord for the blessing of cheap small window units! 

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