Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have Patience

"Have Patience
Have Patience
No Need to Start to Hurry"

"If You Don't Have Patience
You Only Start to Worry"

I have been singing that little song that I learned during 4th grade music class to myself for the past hour.

Ever since looking at our new neighbors' blog, Charlotte at Yellow Brick Life,
I have been encouraged to finally fix my blog site.

If you can remember wayyy back when
I had a very cute tootie 
blog design with pink and little flowers
and the whole shebang.

Then blogger updated and my design didn't work.

for the past hour I have been trying to get a new blog layout.

How do y'all like it??

I think it is cute,
but to me there is just something wrong with the BRIGHT yellow background of our title
"The Southern Bagleys."

I'm just leaving it for now, maybe ONE day I will get to fixin' it:)

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