Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last weekend

So Last weekend Chris and I headed down to Panama City for some fun in da sun.
But, it turned out to be more like some fun in the clouds and rain.

Even though we didn't get any sweet beach time,
and Chris and I returned to Nola paler than we were when we first arrived,
we had a blast hanging with the parentials. 

Daddy finally made my dream come true of standing inside the hurricane simulator.
Ever since Chris and I saw some little kiddies standing in this baby and their cheeks and hair all going wild, I have been envious.
So he said he would do it with me.
It was such a joke, and no way produced 75 miles per hour winds, 
but we had fun looking like idiots with the local security guard watching. 

After waking around pier park, 
and seeing a movie,
and eating at the Back Porch,
and people watching,

someone came up with the idea to play some mini golf.

It was the best game of putt put that I have ever experienced.

With a personal best of 3 holes in one during one game,
and everone else getting at least 1 hole in one,
you would think that the course was too easy.

But it all went down on the 18th hole, when my mother knocked her ball sooooo
hard that it went flying through trees, bushes, and other holes, bouncing and hitting a person we didn't know who was putting at the time, then continuing to bounce and eventually landing and stopping in the parking lot.

In all honestly we all almost wet our pants, we were laughing so hard!!!
I ONLY WISH I had it on camera to show it to all of you precious peeps. 

Daddy was being goofy. 

And Chris of course never shows any excitement in pictures.

Of course Chris won, then Daddy was in 2nd, me in 3rd, and Mama pulling up the cabusse.

I still think that the score keeper cheated, because I made 3 holes in one, and did a great game. I don't know how I came in 3rd!

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