Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sweet Friends and Bad Cheese Dip

This weekend was pretty low key.

It rained constantly and it was the perfect, 
stay in pajama pants 
and snuggle under a blankie, 
kinda weather.

Chris and I hadn't seen our sweet neighbors, Charlotte and Andrew, in a while
so we just invited them over to watch the Georgia Bulldog/ Tennessee football game.

I tried to make a pintrest recipe from the restaurant, Chili's, of knockoff 
skillet queso cheese dip
but something went wrong.

The dip looked great and smelled delicious bubbling in the crockpot.
I also know I followed the directions exactly, it's not like it was all that hard cutting up the cheese into little cubes and adding simple ingredients.

Still it had a kind of 'processed' taste to it,
it was hard to describe the weird taste,
but just something wasn't right.

So even though I made the dip,
I didn't offer any to our sweet friends,
because I knew something was wrong.

And boy am I glad I didn't offer any to them

'cause Sunday morning both Chris and my little tummies were upset.

I think my little block of velvetta cheese had gone bad.

Which is totally saying something, because that stuff has so much chemicals and preservatives, 
it probably takes it 50 years to expire,
but it was NO bueno:)

Even though there was no yummie half time snacks during the game,
I still loved having them over.

Chris and I have a lot of similarities with Charlotte and Andrew 
and we enjoyed listening to their college stories of dating and cracking jokes at seminary mishaps.

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