Monday, October 8, 2012

Gretna Festival

Sunday Chris and I made the trip out to the Gretna Festival.

To me the best and most exciting part was riding the ferry.

It is ridiculous that I have lived just a couple of minutes from the Mississippi for a year and a half,  and still had not crossed it.

My excuse:
well, so far there hasn't been anything on the other side of the river that I've needed to cross it for

On the 30 minute ride on the ferry it was super windy. In fact the past couple of days the weather has had a very MILD chill in the air. My hair was going all over the place and the reflection off the water made it incredibly hard for me to keep my eyes open in the picture. 

(Notice the long sleeve fleece I threw on)

(whew I am lookin' a mess here)

Deja Vu anyone?? Yes that movie with Denzel Washington was filmed right HERE:)
When Chris and I got home we plugged in the movie and watched scenes that were filmed exactly where we were standing. 

The Gretna frestival was exactly like the fair back home. 
Same kind of Carnival Rides and attractions.
They even had the game where you have to try and throw a ping pong ball in a bowl to win a goldfish.

There was A LOT more music at this Festival with Big and Rich on stage and several other local artists.
In fact there were NUMEROUS stages around the park and big bands were all playing.
I believe Chris and I counted 5 concerts all going on at the same time.

My peeps at home will connect with this.
In our fair at home they have the cotton gin and steam engines.

Here in NOLA we have one little bitty steam engine on display. 

The food stations are also a lot better here.
Everything was seafood and creole inspired.
Instead of just candy apples and funnel cakes,
they also had numerous poboy stands, crawfish by the bag, alligator on a stick, oysters on the half shell, and crab cakes.

Chris and I settled on splitting a meat pie and seafood nachos.
The nachos were delicious and he even licked the little tray clean of dip.
(it tasted a lot better than this picture made it look)

My pictures don't show that many people,
but trust me there were thousands there.
The whole festival was spread threw out many blocks.

The outfit of choice for most people was to be decked out in all Saints Football attire.
With Drew Brees going for a new record for the most touchdowns consecutively thrown who can blame them for showing some spirit!

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