Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I ain't afraid o' no ghost

With all the stories that have been pouring in the teachers lounge here lately of our schools 'ghost' that has been haunting the halls,
I figured my blog peeps might get a kick out of it.

I've heard stories of teachers and janitors who are dead serious about ghosts intervening.
(yes that pun was intended)

Stories such as mysterious growling noises being heard in class that sound as though someone was standing right behind you,

police guards being called up at school after hours because the janitors reported classroom doors that are supposedly 'locked' slamming closed,

clocks flying of walls in intervention classrooms,

voices saying "Hurry Up" to teachers who are leaving the building when there is no one there,

 a spookie figure wearing boots seen walking down the hallway,

even child's toys that were taken up by teachers miraculously making their way back into student desks.

Yea... right.

As Chris says when I come home and tell him the latest story being shared around the tables in the teachers lounge..

who ya' gonna call?

Ghost busters

I jokingly even said once last week that maybe the mouse I heard in my classroom piddling around was not really a mouse, but just the ghost messing with my inner fear of rodents.

Yet, someone didn't notice my sarcasm when I made that statement and now some of the faculty think that the ghost feeds off of our fears.  

I'm sorry but I just don't buy it.

Now don't get me wrong,
I still get the major creeps when listening to their stories,
and I was terrified the first time I saw the movie Paranormal Activity,
but I don't believe it.

I think that the human imagination can fabricate all kinds of stories to the point where people REALLY believe what they actually made up.

With all that being said...

when I am walking down my part of the hallway around 7:20ish all by myself in the morning, KNOWING that I am the only one there in my part of the building,
the little hairs on my neck still stand up. 
I'm not scared of a ghost, I am just scared from all of the stories I have heard and I have allowed them to affect my feelings while walking down the hallway.

With as sensitive as all these fellow coworkers of mine are, I think I could easily pull a couple of pranks on them:) Now all I have to do is come up with a couple tiny 'ghost' plots to scare them.

Humm... maybe I should move around some of the students chairs in one of their rooms or better yet, turn in all their student computers and type something on Microsoft word as a message.

I don't know I'm still in the planning stage!

...Be warned...

Mwahh ha ha

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