Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Neon Leggings

Ok so I get it,
your trying to cross the street.

Just like the chicken, 
all you want to do is get to the other side.

I also understand that you don't own a car,
might have walked a couple of miles already,
or rode a crowded bus with a lot of crazies staring you down.

But.... really, you're going to step out from the median in front of 2 lanes of cars coming at you without looking.

Oh, and how dare I forget to mention that you also are on you phone yacking away.

Yea, so thanks for making me slam on my breaks, screaming in fear that I'm about to run your butt over,
and the car behind me having to make a mad swerve not to hit me.

Oh and you just continued to walk,
 not even noticing my car
(which by a miracle) 
has stopped 3 feet away from you, 
without at much as a glance my way.

Lady wearing the bright neon purple leggings, pink sweatshirt, 
short blond choppy hair cut,  
and cheetah print cell phone case,
you are one lucky dog. 
And if I was you
I sooooooo wouldn't try my luck with THIS little spunky driver again. 

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