Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So one night last week around 7:30 Chris got the itch to go out and change the oil in my car.

Yea, it's dark at 7:30.

So he moved my car over to a spot in the parking lot that's under a street light.

The only problem was that there was this really big camper parked that blocked our view of the road.

It was like we were all by ourselves.

There are some pretty rough houses right on the other side of the railroad tracks behind that fence.

I even woke up the next morning to hear on the news that around midnight that night
there had been a shooting killing 4 people at one of those houses.

Yep... we're just stupid.
Changing oil in a spot that campus police can't see us.

All by our lonesome.

and in under an annoying street light that was the most obnoxious yellow color.

I was fine until I heard some people talking just on the other side. Then I got kinda spooked.
At least Chris was almost done then. 

He checked it out, made sure it was good to go,
and we got outta there.

 I know that little fence ain't gonna hold nobody back. 

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