Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Genu-INE Fresh

First thangs first, if you're a true southerner you don't pronounce it gen-u-ine.... no, no, no, that's ALL wrong....

It's pronounced genu-INE and rhymes with wine:)

A sweet old feller from our church in Amite, Mr. Stewart, has a fresh strawberry farm in his backyard. He just sells them on the side of the road to passerbyers.
(is passerbyers a real word?)

Just about every Sunday I ask Mr. Stewart how 'dem strawberries are a'lookin' and he usually has some kind of farmers garb to tell me about.

"Oh... I don't know... we've been gettin too much rain here lately.."
"Well.... the weather has had too much of a chill... I'm not sure of they're any good.."

Yeah well, Mrs. Stewart finally brought Chris and I some of his genu-INE strawberries! A WHOLE FLAT to be exact! (why, yes that rhymes:)

Now we have so many strawberries that we have been eating them with every meal and snack.

I even gave some of them away because I don't want them to get moldy!

Thanks Mr. Stewart for being so sweet to share some with us!

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