Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going Out with A Bang

Last night our families threw Christopher and I a great going away bash. It allowed us to make sure that we said good by to all the most important people to us, our family, before we left.

We enjoyed good food and great company. Everyone seemed to really be having a good time cutting up.
We also celebrated Chris's Great-Grandmother, Elvira, 96 Birthday. I asked her, "When you were a little, tiny girl, did you ever
 think you would make it to 96?"
 She replied, "Nope, but I guess I'd try."
She is truly an inspiration to me. She is defiantly the matriarch of this family and we all love her dearly.

Logan was defiantly the star of the show. He is absolutely adorable. I can only hope and pray that one day Chris and I are blessed to have a child as sweet and cute as he is!
Susan, Sara, and Josh were all so sweet! I loved getting to talk to Sara and Marybeth about MB's upcoming wedding in December. She is going to make such a beautiful bride!



Here are some random pictures that I also took! I have deemed myself as the new Picture Nazi. When you see me walkin around with my little camera, you better look out, cause chances are, you gonna wind up on here!!


If you aint never head of this before than you better listen up. The pictures from above are actual canned red velvet cake! They are baked, iced, and ready to be eaten! Nana (Lorraine) gave these to us for our trip. Chris loves red velvet cake. I HAVE NEVER seen this done before! She actually pours the batter and the icing into the jar and then bakes it! She then snaps the lids and they are ready! These babies will last for about 3 months!
Um.... lets just say, Yes-in-Deedee!!

Christophers aunt, Myra, is a couponing expert. She has tried to teach me her marvelous ways of saving money and getting groceries for next to nothing. She gave us a big home depot box field with the essentials; toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent were all included.

We are truly blessed by all of our wonderful family!

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