Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Weeks!!

Today is TWO WEEKS EXACTLY until Chris and I make the big move to the BIG EASY!!
Whoop Whoop!!
I woke up this morning singing, “Two weeks Two weeks!!!” over and over again in the absolute most obnoxious tones and melodies that I could think of the drive Chris nuts. Instead of telling me to shut up he just sang right along with me!
The next two weeks are gonna be busy, that’s for sure! Making sure bills, cell phone, cars, address changes, boxes, packing, and ETC. are all done is going to be a handful.
We are both sooo excited and can not WAIT to get down there. If we could leave today, we would be on our way in a heart beat!

Tomorrow our families are having a Going Away Party for us. We will say good-by to Family and Friends. It’s not like we are dying or anything people, we only be moving 3 states away! (haha)
We are so blessed by such a huge village of people standing behind us in everything we do. Seriously, we could call any one of them on the cell phone day or night and they would stop what they were doing and come to help in any way.
I have been working on our “Family” tab for the blog and it is taking me forever to get it just right. I want to say something about everyone and make sure that I don’t leave anyone out.
It has defiantly taken a whole big, bunch, of crazy people to get us to this point, but now we are going to New Orleans and we are ready to have new and exciting adventures for our futures!

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