Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tour of our Crib

Welcome! Come on In! Lets take a tour of the apartment. This is me coming in through the door. (Please ignore the moving boxes that we stashed in the corner!)

This is the view from the doorway when you first walk in.

You can see we have absolutely beautiful hardwood floors!

This is the living room. Chris is Lounging in his chair.

The dinning room table. We had not hung up all our pictures yet because we have to hang everything with Command hooks. We were letting the command strips dry on this picture on the dinning room table.

Ignore the mess we were still un packing. You can see that we have window units. They actually work pretty good!

Our sweet and bright bathroom!

Close up of the shower curtain! I absolutely loved this one from target!

Chris and I being goofy!

Uhhh Ohh! You caught be in the shower:)

The bedroom! I love the rug that I bought for in here. Again you can see another wall unit! Last night I actually got kind of cold with this thing running on low.

Our kitchen is kind of small, but for its size it sure does have a lot of cabinets!

Me pretending to cook something on our gas stove!

Chris's office!

This is the whole reason why we came to Seminary right here. So Chris can study.

Ok so now you have taken the grand tour. Now its time for all of yall to get your bottoms down here to visit!


  1. We love the apartment! So cute and so much space!

  2. it must be really big is there any space that is not taken up

  3. Yes Brandon there is plenty of space for you and Blakie to come a visit!!