Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Made It!

Well, it seems like we have been talkin about it forever, but...

Friday Chris and I spent all day packing up boxes and getting last minnute things together. It was such a beautiful day, a little overcast but not too hot.
Then 5:00 hit!!
We had planned on loading the trailor and cars with all the boxes and stuff at 6:00. It was pouring!!

This picture it of Chris and Gary carrying what has to be the heaviest sofa in the world!

While the boys were loading all the heavy stuff my mom and I 'supervised' I was walking around with a towel to dry off stuff from the rain and decided to make it into a turban to keep my hair dry instead! We were laughin so hard!
The boys didnt seem to think it was all the funny, I wonder why not!!

This is the sweet trailor Chris and I have called home for the last year! Yeah it is not the prettiest thing on the outside, but man we made it so cute on the inside! We loved the yard! It was on the best little lot and had so much character.
By By Georgia, Hello Louisiana!

After driving about 8 and half hours, we finally made it! I was so glad to get out of that car you have no idea!!
When we first arrived we checked into our hotel and then loaded up to see our first glances of our apartment. I am going to do my next blog post of a tour of our crib:)

Then we decided to hit the town. Chris and I decided to take the parents to our favorite part of New Orleans, the French Market. We had so much fun taking in all the character than New Orleans has to offer!

This is a very far away picture of a wedding they were having. I know you can't see in the picture but the bride was beautiful and all the groomsmen were in coats with tails! I can't imagine how much this wedding probably cost!

We have learned quickly that New Orleans really loves their VooDoo. There are lots of shops specializing in VooDoo apparel. My mom had to have her picture taken with this guy!

This was such a cute water fountain with a statue of some guys playing Jazz music. I just had to have my picture made with it!

We walked right up to the side of the Mighty Mississippi River! Man was it full! If you have been following in the news lately you will have heard about how the Mississippi has been flooding. Luckily they think that New Orleans is gonna be fine!

We took a lot of pictures at the Mississippi!

While we were sittin for a quick rest, this strange fellow walked up and started telling us joke and ended up shinning Chris and Daddys shoes! It is really a funny story that you really need to ask Chris's dad, Gary, about!! haha

This is a riverboat! Before we leave I want to go on one of these things:)

This guy was a street performer. We actually saw a lot of street performers. I love stopping and watching what they are going to do. The guy in this picture would make himself into a human statue. He had just taken his silver jacket off and stopped being a statue when I took this picture. It was amazing how these guys would stand so still! They really looked like they were maid of stone!

Ok to end this long blog post I wanted to share the coolest thing! The girls decided to take a trip to the two story Target down the road to pick up some stuff for our apartment. In order to go between the levels you had to take escalators. They actually had escalators for your buggy as well. It was just the neatest thing!!

We are really having a blast! Our apartment it just so adorable! I can't wait for every single one of yall to come and visit us in the Big Easy!!

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