Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'll Miss Most

Tonight Chris and I made the rounds of visiting some of our family members. We made sure to stop by to see Megan, Brandon, and Blake.

At Megan's house we talked and joked. Paula and Megan made Chris some peanut butter balls! They are delicious:) They make the best!

At Brandon and Blake's house we played games in the front yard, jumped on the trampoline, and threw a baseball back and forth!

When I think about moving to New Orleans I get so excited, but I have to admit that what I will miss most are these kiddos!

We love them so much! I am gonna miss just having to drive down the road, when we are bored, to get some entertainment from them! I am gonna miss getting to go to their ball games and cheering them on! I am gonna miss Chris and them wrestling in the floor or tickle fighting. I am gonna miss their funny jokes and entertaining stories!

Blake informed us that when we are finished with school and come back he will be 12! When Chris and I first started dating he was just 4 and just a little bitty guy! This just amazes me! Megan is going into middle school next year! Paula and Tony better watch out cause they are gonna have to start beatin the boys off with a stick!

Brandon is a stud with his six pack abs, Blake is a hoot with his never dull personality, and Megan is the prettiest girl in the whole county!

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