Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

Welp, Chris and I celebrated our first Anniversary. We are no longer newlyweds, Sniff Sniff!!

I had given Chris several hints the past week about what I wanted to do to celebrate. I told him that I would love to go on a tour of the city because frankly, we know nothing about New Orleans. I also told him that I knew it was corny but I would love to watch our wedding video!

Chris and I have both been so busy the past year that our wedding video is still unedited! I have downloaded all the clips from my video camera onto my computer, but other than that I haven't done anything to edit it or put it together.

I asked Chris that he put it together because he is much better at that kind of stuff than I am.

On Saturday morning, Chris and I got up and he told me to get ready because he had planned for us to go take a tour! I was super pooper excited! We ended up taking the steamboat tour on the Mississippi River! I was so excited because I had already told him a long time ago that one of the things that I wanted to do before we left was ride on a steamboat!

We rode on the steamboat Natchez which is the last real steamboat on the Mississippi!

We were both really excited and got in the car to drive down to the loading dock for the boat. We didn't take into consideration that the tomato festival was going on in the French Market! We were running way late because all of the parking lots were full and when we finally did find a parking spot it was FOREVER away and we had to RUN what seemed like 3 miles to the boat!

Of course, Silly me, I had to dress cute for our Anniversary cruise! I wore these shoes that I have worn out walking around the city before. They didn't give me a problem last time I wore them, but I didn't think I was going to be running on the hot pavement either.

You have to get the picture in your head to fully understand. Imagine Chris holding me by the hand, with his LONG legs running at top speed, DRAGGING and pulling me behind him with my little legs trying to keep up! Oh yeah, we were swerving among festival people, concerts, shopping booths, and red lights! I remember I was telling Chris, "Slow Down!! I can't keep up!" But he was determined!

When we finally got on the boat and I got to sit down, it hit me! The bottom of my feet were rubbed completely raw! It hurt soooooo bad! I could barely walk! I started crying but didn't want to ruin our celebration so I went to the bathroom.

This is funny, I took a LOT of toilet paper, wet it in the sink, and wrapped it all around my poor swollen feet! It made my feet feel so much better and I was able to hobble around the boat. I slipped my flip flops back on and we enjoyed the Cruise.

Sure I got some really weird stares. People were wondering what the heck I had on my feet! I even had one lady pull my arm and whisper in my ear, 'Sweety you have toilet paper hanging off your foot.' I kindly whispered back, 'Yes mamm, I know, I did it on purpose. The bottom of my feet are burnt.' and then I kept walking embarrassed.

The boat was really cool and the tour guide told us all kinds of facts and information that Chris and I didn't know. We ate lunch and got to go into the engine room!

After we got off the boat this guy was waiting on the dock. He is actually a real guy that just stops still to look like a statue. Of course, the dog was fake, but it looked really cool!

After Chris took me home and I was able to care for my feet, we went back out and walked around the festival. Chris and I shared a grilled shrimp po-boy that was huge from a little food stand and it was so good! It was probably the best shrimp we have eaten since we got here!

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