Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Drinkin From my Saucer

As the words to the song go,
"I'm Drinkin from my Saucer
Cause my cup has overflown!!"

Tonight at 9:00 (New Orleans time), that's 10:00 GA time,
a little Angel called me!

It was Mrs. Brenda!! I know my GA peeps don't know who Mrs. Brenda is, but let me just clue you in,
she is the assistant principal at a Christian School down here!
She is such, SUCH, a nice sweet lady!!

She called me tonight because she said that she just couldn't wait no longer. She said that she had been needing to call me for the last three days straight!

She offered me a position as a First Grade teacher at her sweet Christian School!

On the phone I hesitated..... it took me about 10 seconds to be able to catch my breath enough to mutter a little, squeaky...."yes!"

I start next week looking at curriculum for the next school year and meeting with a lead teacher to learn the ropes!

Oh OHHHH!! HOW I just wish I had a video of Chris and I celebrating after that call! Yall folks would have thought that we were absolutely bonkers!! That's

 I was jumping up and down, tears streaming down my eyes, yelling WHOO HOOO!!! Chris was acting like Rocky, doing carious Karate chops, moves, kicks, and jabs and I also think somewhere in there he did an actual cartwheel!

Our poor neighbors that live downstairs below us probably thought we were INSANE!! Guess tomorrow I'm gonna have to send some cookies or something for the disturbance!

Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on ME!! 

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  1. I am sooooo excited for you! Those are some lucky little 1st graders! :) Praying for you everyday!