Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dont Call me Little Baby!

Okay, I do not know what it about the folks down here but they sure do love to say 'little baby.'

Let me break it down for ya.

Walking out of the grocery store and I push my buggy infront of some old guy. I mutter, "Excuse me, I'm sorry."
He mutters back, 'Thats alright little baby.'

Working at the preschool with a lady named Latashrelea (La-tash-re-lia). Some of her favorite sayings to me are:
'Little ba-bay go get me a tissue for this little guys nose'
'Oh little ba-bay you forgot to but diaper cream on her little bottom.'
'Hey, Hey, little baby don't let those kids get near that lizard!'

Going through the drive through at Wendys.
'Do you need any ketchup?'
'No thanks but actualy can I get some barbque sauce?'
'Oh yea no problem little baby'


I don't like it!! It kind of creeps me out! Since I have told Chris this several times now he has started joking with me and calling me little baby!! Yea... it's so NOT funny!!

It must be a New Orleans thing because back home in GA I would proably hear people saying 'sugar' more often.
"Aww that's okay sugar" or "Come on sugar"

For some reason it is okay to be called sugar but NOT little baby!!
Well, I take that back, I don't an old man to call me sugar either!


Anyways on that note, I got a GRRRREEATTT text this morning!!
It was from sweet Ashley saying that her and Alex are going to try and come to visit us in about the middle of JULY.
I am stoked and already have my hopes up! I really hope they get to come! Chris and I have already been making some plans for their visit!

I want to go on a haunted ghost tour and a horse and buggy ride. Hope their up for it!!

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  1. :) We are ready ! We just need to make sure the dates are good and we will be down there/over there ! I am super duper ready! I have seen pictures of your cute place! Love yall both and cant wait !