Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Random Tidbits

Well this is gonna be a random blog post! We have been BUSSSSSSYYYYY!!!
This picture was taken in about 115 degree heat but it felt like it was more like 2 million degrees!! We were at the French Market during some festival:) Oh and we were both sweatin' like pigs!!

This picture is for my mama!!

I had just worked a full, long day at the daycare which was a 7:30 to 5:30 shift and came home to make dinner.
Being the multi-tasker that I am, I was cooking and also running around the house doing little chores and pokin' fun at Chris for some-what-not. Next thing I know our dinner is boiling over!

Now, it was not just boiling over, but it was REALLY BOILING OVER!! This stuff blew off the lid I had on the pot and was spewing out! It was all over my nice, clean stove top!!

PLEASE don't tease me about me in this picture! I was tired, had on no make up, and covered in food!!

I am just like my mama!! You just have to understand my mama and her cooking to truly understand what an impact that statement is!!

This was my cooking fiasco's result! It was a Zatarains box mix and the noodles were crunchy because all my water
boiled outa the dang pot!!

Chris ate it anyway, like he better!! Otherwise I was going to force feed it down his throat! I came home from working and started making him dinner. All he did all day was sit on his butt, and study for like 10 hours straight! haha
Bless his poor heart for puttin up with me!

Now remember I told ya this was a random blog post.
This here de-Vice (you have to read this with a southern accent)

Anyway, this here device is called a Kindel! And it is mine!
 ALL MINE!!! Oh yeah, and it is Christopher's too, but I don't like to share:)

Chris bought it for our Anniversary Gift! I was totally surprised because I actually did not WANT one of these. He is so smart! He bought it because he can download some of his textbooks on it! He has already saved the amount of money it cost and some more by downloading his books on this thing instead of buying the hard edition of the same book!

My sweet hubby LOVES to save money, so he just LOVES this thing because boy is it saving us some money!! College books are EXPENSIVE and sure do add up!!

This little snid-bit was on our door one afternoon. It is all about little tips and what-nots of if a hurricane was to come. Some of the tips are:

-When in doubt, Get out!!

- Beware of the LOOTERS!!

- Make sure you have plenty of white towels.
(one might think, uhh... why do you need plenty of white towels, well my friends,
you need them to wave down help, as a sort of surrender, if you happen to get stranded on your rooftops!)

- Eat a good meal! (Cause you probably aint gonna see no more seafood for a while cause of the storm)

- Fill up your tank with some gas!

Last but not least,
- Make sure to take all family pets with you! Or if you are leaving them behind, you need to lock them up in some room with plenty of food/water so that they can not escape!

(I guess that means my pet lizard, Edwardo, is gonna be making a trip to GA with us!! Edwardo is a really
big/little lizard that lives on the outside stairs of our apartment. Every morning Edward says hello as I venture off to work!)

(A little bitty side note, these are not true hurricane tips. I made them up trying to be silly:)

My first easy grader!! This is a teacher saver! It will make my life so much easier for grading papers and such! Every teacher has one of these and this one is mine! I bought it online for only 1 penny and free shipping! Thank You Ebay:)

Oh and the last little tidbit of randomness. This is Chris's dad Gary! He didn't know I was taking his picture. He was talking to us through Skype on the phone:) Skype is our new best friend because it is FREE and it allows us to keep in touch with our wonderful family!!

Hey it actually looks like Gary was saying Cheese in the picture!!

Hope all are having a Wonderful Week!

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  1. Oh my gosh - you are such a goober! You crack me up!! Yes, I have seen that same mess on my stove many times. It might be why my stove doesn't work so well now. Nah, it's just my excuse to get out of cooking! Love you. And your blog.