Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a GREAT weekend!! YippEEE I lurve LURVE good weekends:)
Saturday mornin' we woke up and headed to Rouses, our local Grocery Store.
I took this picture of this man outside the store. He was boilin' 'em some crawfish!
I love how in New Orleans they sure do love their food. These were fresh caught and fresh boiled!

After the Grocery store, we went to the pool on Campus. I wanted to try and lay out to be gettin' my tan on!! haha
Chris lasted on about 30 minutes at the pool. He said he was Hot!! (You have to imagine Chris whining and sounding like a 3 year old, "Megan I'm Hhhhoootttt)
I have to admit it was HOT! Not sure what the temperature was, but the pool water sure did feel gooood!
I lasted at the pool for about 2 hours! That was all I could take! I ended up having more sweat on me than water!
Oh on a neat note the pool is a Salt water pool! I have swam in salt water pools before but I liked this one. It wasn't too salty and it didn't burn your skin when you got in.

Saturday night we ate dinner with Tonya and Brian! We really like them because that are sooo down to Earth! They are really funny and I think we are pretty similar!

After dinner they took us to get some dessert at this Italian place. Of course I had to take a picture of the sign because I knew I would never be able to spell it!
They had really good ice cream! I got some chocolate chip and Chris, of course, got just plain chocolate.
They had all kinds of neat flavors and even had pistachio ice cream! 

Brian bought us a canolli. (I'm not sure on the spelling)
It was filled with different cheeses. I aint gonna lie at first I thought that this thing was going to be gross because he told me it was filled with cheese, but it wasn't so bad!
It was really sweet and very filling! Chris and I shared this one and we weren't able to finish it!

Sunday Mornin we woke up and went to church with Tonya and Brian! We went to Sunday School and then Service. I enjoyed the church service and thought that the sanctuary was very pretty! They have this amazing stain glass window that was so pretty! Sorry I didn't take a picture, I thought it would be rude to whip out my camera and take pictures at a church that I didn't know anybody at!

Brian and Tonya and both pretty busy the next two weeks! We are gonna miss them while they are out on the road!

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