Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Girl

I got a phone call tonight from my sweet girl, Katie!! Aww it just absolutely made my day!
While Chris was the youth minister at Southside in Fayetteville Ga, I got so attached to all the kiddos.
But I have to admit, I myself got super pooper attached to Katie bug. I have a major soft spot in my heart for this little girl!

Chris called her my 'mini me' because where ever I went, Katie went also. Whatever I did, Katie did also. She usually always wound up with all my necklaces and bracelets on whenever we were together!

She would organize my purse by putting all my makeup, cell phone, nick knacks, in different little pockets of my purse:)

My little sweet girl called me tonight and it totally surprised me! I admit we have been so busy that it did not cross my  mind to give her call. Listening to her sweet voice on the phone telling me about her summer brought a few little tears to my eyes!

Sweet girl also texted me later and told me she was crying and was probably sad and missed us!

Oh Katie girl, no tears!! NO TEARS!! DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID NO TEARS!!!!

Cause when I think of that sweet little face with tears in her eyes it breaks my heart!

Love you my Sweet Girl!! Miss You and I Pray for all my AMAZING Southside Kiddies every night that they are all doing well and that they remember that if they put the Lord first in their lives, then everything else will fall into place!

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