Friday, June 3, 2011

Date Night

Date Night! Whoop Whoop! Date Night in New Orleans is not just limited to the whole 'dinner and a movie' theme. Tonight Chris and I decided to go out and eat at a restaurant we had never eaten at before and then roam around the city.

When we arrived at NOBTS (which is shorthand for New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) we received a packet of all kinds of different information. Included was a pamphlet on a survey that was conducted of the professors favorite restaurants to eat at. At the top of the list was called Deanies.

This was definitely a place where local NewOrleaneons come to eat! They were a little shack off the side of the road that only had parking for about 7 cars. Chris ordered the seafood platter, which was huge, and I ordered a bowl of seafood gumbo.

Christopher's seafood platter was pretty good. It had all kinds of fried and stuffed seafood. Of course I ate some of his!
My seafood gumbo was definitely an original recipe from Deanies. Inside my bowl was a whole CRAB! I mean they just put the entire crab right into the soup. The shell, meat, and all! So in my bowl of gumbo I had shrimp, oysters, craw fish, and a whole stinkin crab! It kind of wigged me out when I first found the crab because I lifted my spoon up to my mouth and all I saw was one of the claws that had fallen off of the body! It was good and spicy with lots of rice and seafood!

After Leaving Deanies Chris and I decided that it was good and that we liked to local atmosphere, Landrys (the place we ate at with our parents when they moved us in) was definitely better!

After dinner we were both stuffed but Chris took me to go eat at dessert at Cafe Du Monde. We had tried to eat here with my parents but the line was ridiculous so we didn't get to. I wanted to try a beignet. So we made the 15 minute drive from our restaurant up to the French Market and bought two order of beignets. In each order are three little french doughnuts. They were actually pretty cheap and Chris and I were able to spend less than $5 on our little dessert!

We got our beignets at the to go order line and walked up to the bank of the Mississippi River. I actually took a picture of the bag because I knew that I was going to blog about Date Night and I needed to make sure that I spelled Beignet correct!

Located in this little bag are three little beignets and about a pound of powered sugar. It was hard to even reach in to pull one out without getting sugar all over the place.

This is what one looks like. It tastes just like a regular doughnut, without a whole in the middle, and with a LOT of powered sugar on top.

This is a picture of Chris eating his beignet. You can see we sat in the actual grass on the bank of the Mississippi River.

This was our view.

You can see my feet in this picture. To the left of us down the bank was a man who was a big time hippy. He was wearing a flowered skirt and was preforming yoga exercise moves on the river bank. While we were sitting here we actually saw him go down to the rocks and stick his feet in the water. Chris and I joked about him falling in. The strange man also filled a little tube up with water from the river and then put the tube on a necklace and hung it around his neck. He was definitely a character. I love New Orleans because all you need for entertainment is a good place to sit so you can just watch the people walking by! You can people watch and see all sorts of strange characters!

I was trying to feed this bird a bite. He actually came closer to me than this picture shows. I was terrified that if I made a sudden movement then the bird was going to attack me!! I did NOT want to have to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot from getting attacked from a bird!

On our way back to the apartment we stopped at a red light and this guy was standing at the corner. I immediately grabbed my phone and took a picture. His HAIR was so gross and so long!!
Uhh.. Only in New Orleans!!haha

After we got home I did a load of laundry and cleaned the kitchen. We haven't washed dishes all week and they were starting to pile up. We had a great Date Night and I loved sitting on the grass on the bank of the Mississippi River!

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