Thursday, July 28, 2011

Southern Summer, Barefoot, Blue Jean Night

Never gonna grow up
Never gonna slow down

Yeah, caught in a Southern summer, barefoot, blue jean night

(well, maybe, minus the blue jeans:)

The past couple of days Chris and I have been living it up in Panama City Beach!
We had such a blast!

It was so nice to get to see family and have fun relaxin!

I really enjoyed getting to lay out on the beach. Even though the water was full of nasty, stinky, seaweed! Yuck!

Chris enjoyed..... humm....

Chris enjoyed pickin on Brandon, Blakie, and Megpie,
runnin into the waves on the beach,
cuttin up and being silly,
long talks with Papa,
seein his Mama and Daddy,
ruff rousing with Alex,

ohhhh yeahhh.. he also enjoyed...

bringin in my clothes from the car,
making the long walk from parkin the car into some far distant parking spot,
gettin sun burnt on his little nose,
riding while I drove three hours home,
carrying my beach chair, beach bag, and towel for me down to the beach...

ummm... hahah I think he had a great time!!!

I sure do love me that Bagley Boy!

Blakiepoo surfing some waves!

Brandon as a piggie:)
(He is gonna kill me when he sees this picture)

The guys being... well guys:)

When Paula, Christi, and My-My were little they played with spinning tops. Paula was so excited and played with this top for a couple of minutes.
Aww.... they are all so old:)
Just kiddin' they are the best, cutest, old ladies I know!

Ashley was chillin on Christi's bed! I think she snatched that football from the boys!

At the dog races. I lurve this picture of Paula and Blakiepoo!

It was hot! We were waiting at the restaurant Boon docks. Chris was so excited to take a picture!

With Gary! The Birthday Boy!
Yepp... Gary is 50!!
Wow..... uhhh... man.... that's old!!
We now can call him old man!

(Gary Gary, drives very scary)
(Just a little inside joke)

Alex and Paul rode a slingshot swing!

Their faces were priceless!
Yes my friends, we recorded their whole ride!
It won't be long till it will be available for view on facebook.

Now ain't that just a fine lookin family!

The whole Carder Punks!

Ok now.. what is up with Chris and I!
My eyes look demented in this picture! What was I lookin at! And Chris's eyes of course are closed!
Al and Ash look good!

I love these Peeps!!

I had mixed emotions about leaving.
It is always hard to leave Vacation at the beach and head back.
It is especially hard when you have 15 other people constantly saying,
"Aww don't leave"
"Come on, just stay another day"
"Y'all are leaving already!"
"I wish y'all wouldn't have to go"
and so on and SO ON!!

As we crossed the 5 mile long bridge into NOLA I was ready and excited to be home.


......home is where the heart is......

.......Well, my heart is with the Lord......

and right now for us,

he is in New Orleans:)

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