Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miss. Bella

Yepp, you see that
yellow teeth,
long clawed,
fuzz ball in the corner,


Miss. Bella

or as my Cajun kiddies say,
little baby Beller.

The school got a random donation of a hamster,
and they decided to give it to our lucky class!!

Yeah Me!!

Actually, I admit I am really starting to like the little rodent.

First of All,
my kiddies LOVE HER!

We have prayed for her,
read a hamster book,
looked at Internet sites about hamsters,

yepp... they are obsessed with her!!

Ok now,
me and Miss. Bella had a little talk this afternoon,

we discussed how much the kids love her,

and that tomorrow she needs to get her little booty out of her little 'football helmet' (which is her house), and do some laps on her wheel so the kiddoes can see.

We have also discussed that she is not going to start squeaking in class,
and she must raise her hand if she has any questions.

We covered all the basics!
as long as she stays in her cage,
and she doesn't go to 'long sleep' (meaning die)

Miss Bella and me are going to be

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  1. Ummmm, who's gonna clean her cage? Will y'all still be good friends then? Haha. Oh boy.