Saturday, September 24, 2011

Operation Restoration

So I have been wanting some house shutters.

But... Why?? You ask,
uhhh... cause I need it for my apartment.

But... Your apartment doesn't need shutters! You say!
uhhh... oh yeah its not for the windows

But..... Why do you need stinkin shutters and just GET TO THE POINT!!!
uhhh.... ok:)

Chris and I went to this really cool place in New Orleans called, 'The Green Project.'
When we first pulled up we both looked at each other cause it looked so sketchy.

But... we are daredevils and went on in,
making sure to double check that we locked the car!

It was the coolest place!! They have collected all these old parts of houses.

There are old mantels, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, and
of course shutters!

We looked at the shutters.
There were some really nice ones and some not so nice.

Knowing me and Chris,
we just went for the cheapest!

For 6 Bucks we bought some old white, paint splotched, dirty, shutters!!

They even already had hinges on them, which made it so much better!

I was so EXCITED!!

Yes, this is me!
I look like one Hot Mess!
I was bound and determined to get those old hinges off and get to sanding!

Chris was making fun of me!

In order for me to reach the top hinges I had to stand on the steps:)

I can't wait until we get to spray paint these little babies tomorrow!

We are going to paint them black and put them in our kitchen to hide our ugly water heater!

I will post some pictures with the finished project!

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