Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like New Again

So my last blog post was about these great old shutters that we got for cheap.

We did a very light sanding,
and tried not to think about lead paint.

Then got set to spray painting.

Lucky us the Spray Paint was on sale. We got 4 cans of paint for about 5 bucks!

We laid down some old newspaper,

Now don't worry,
I had already taken out all the coupons,

and started spraying right behind out apartment.

Chris did not take any pictures of me painting because he got it all over his hands and did not want to touch my phone.

We sprayed one side, let it dry 30 min,
then sprayed the other side,
and let it dry for an hour.

Also I sprayed an old cookie sheet.

This thing was nasty anyway and needed to be thrown away.
My plan is to make it into a magnet board for our kitchen:)

I will post some pictures, when I get it finished!

The Before picture.

I know, I know


right in our kitchen,

beside my nice clean dishes.

The after!

Much, Much, Much,


No more
water heater!

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