Saturday, October 1, 2011


Being that it is October 1st and all,

I decided that Chris and I were gonna celebrate some fall today!

It was a nice 78 degrees at noon today! Very comfortable weather and it was beautiful and sunny:)

I went to the grocery store and bought some stuff for a little pot of 'skinny' chili.


I only made a little pot of it cause,
well it is just me and Chris,

and it would take us 2 weeks to eat all of a big pot of my skinny chili recipe!


I also picked up this stuff from the store:)

I already had the coffee, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

I just bought a little bag of carmels and a can of pumpkin!

Which I HAD A COUPON for the carmels and ended up getting them for less than a dollar!
and a can of pumpkin is pretty cheep already!


I made some coffee,
then mixed in my CROCK POT
and 3 tablespoons of sugar!

oh yeah, I also threw in about a handful of the tiny carmel pieces:)

After cookin on low for about 30 minutes our entire apartment was completely filled with the sweet smell of fall!!

And I had a delicious, homemade,
pumpkin spice latte!

It was delicious!

It was almost as good as starbucks,
I think I just need to put in less sugar,
because the carmels are probably plenty to sweeten it with!c

I stole this recipe off of the facebook site, CrockPot Girls!

and it just made our 'fall' day!

by the way....

we are still wearing shorts and t-shirts here! It is still stinkin hot!

Even though it is 78 degrees, which is nice from the 90's we have been having this past week,
the humidity is still such a booger!!

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