Sunday, September 18, 2011

Much Deserved

This past week my lucky parents
have been living it up in Panama City!!

They spent an entire week on a beautiful beach,
with some of the best weather!

Chris and I were very grateful that they invited us down to spend last weekend with them.

Last Friday, I ran out of school,
loaded up the car,
and we were on our way to the beach!!

Panama City Beach is only about a 41/2 hour drive from here.

So we made it in no time!!
On our way down Chris and I stoped at a McDonalds to use the bathroom and grab some dollar menu
I used the bathroom and this is what I found!
A TV in the restroom!
Wow! McDonalds does have class!!

(and yes! I was that person who took a picture with my phone in the bathroom)

We went out to eat at the Backporch at Pier Park!

This chair actually fits Chris!

The Beach was amazing! I have never been to PC and seen the water this clear before!! Plus It was in the high 80's all day so we could stay out on the beach and not even break a sweat!

I have to admit! If there ain't no hurricanes,
Mid-September is the time to go to the beach!

No crowds,
no lines,
no intense heat,
and beautiful water!

Both mornings for breakfast my mom cut up some peaches!
They were sooooo goooood!!
(See, I really am a Georgia girl at heart! Gotta have them GA Peaches!)

In fact, I have been on a Peach kick since we got back from the beach!
I have 2 peaches in my kitchen right now, and those little babies ain't gonna last long!

This is where I ate my peaches and watched the sun rise!

My daddy had to be silly!

Ok, Ok!
Now let me tell ya, the short version of getting stuck in an elevator!!

Chris got stuck in it on Saturday morning. He was only in there for about 10 min until the front desk man came and got him out.

Well, we thought that the elevator was fixed, so on Sunday morning,
Daddy, Chris, and I got in it to go take a walk on the beach.

Well, we got stuck!!

We were in there for about 30 min!

It was fine,
it was fine.

We all were just fine!!

I think my daddy was secretly going crazy on the inside and trying hard not to show it!

I just sat down in the elevator.

The fire department showed up and right when they made it to the top of the stairs to open the door,
the front office man let us out!

We were FREE!!!!

Well, needless to say,
we DID NOT use that ELEVATOR again!

Sadly, on Sunday we had to go home!

Somewhere in Alabama there is a really cool tunnel!
I had to catch some neat pics!

Anyhoo... we had a great time!

My parents got to stay for a whole week!
We got to stay for a day and a half,
but it was much deserved!

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