Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's Up Doc?

This weekend Chris and I have been going, going, and going!

It's been Great!!

On Friday night we had a date night.

Just the two of us,
we went and ate Mexican food!

Which was awesome!

Then we came back and I went and walked with a sweet girl on campus,
and before Chris and I snoozed we watched a movie on the tube!
Friday night!

On Saturday mornin, Chris woke up at 5:00 to go fishin with some guy friends.

When he left I streeeeeched out on the bed and slept until 8:00!!

It was so nice!!
8:00 is now sleeping in for me,
my body has adjusted to the waking up at 5:30 thing to be at school!

My internal time clock doesn't realize it's the weekends most of the time and I am up at 5:30 on most Saturdays!

Sleeping in set my whole day off to a great start!

I woke up and pittie-pattled about.

Then went up to my school and organized my classroom!
It looked like a tornado had been through there!

I know, I know I am nuts!
But I LURVE getting to go to my classroom on Saturday mornings!
Most of the time I am there alone,
except for the Janitors,
or my sweet friend Delanie,
and I can just focus!

This Saturday in just 2 hours I got,
all my copies made for the next week,
lesson plans done for the next 2 weeks!
Gradebook updated online,
pictures of my kiddoes from this week uploaded off my camera and sent out to the parents,
desks re-arranged,
re-organized my book shelf,
and I hung up new student art work in my classroom!

I am a million more times productive when I can go up there with no distractions and no pressure!

I turn on my computer to a local NOLA Gospel Music station and rock out in my classroom!

It makes the next week at school a breeze!

On Saturday night Chris and the guys had caught enough fish for us to have
a good ol' Cajun style fish fry!

We had hush puppies, coleslaw, mac n'cheese, pasta salad, cornbread casserole, sweet tea,
and of course fish!

Chris made a new buddy!! At the fish fry we meet some new friends and they have a 2 year old son!
He is adorable and just clung to Chris!

His parents were shocked how attached he was to him!

They said that they had been praying for their little dude to make a friend,
they just thought that he/she would be around his age of 2,
not 24!!

It was so cute! He could not say Chris right,
he said the letters all drawn out,


On Sunday (today) we did some organizing and redecorating!

While Chris was studying and watching the Saints football game,
I was cleaning and doing laundry!

In between breaks I even managed Chris to re-arrange our stove and fridge!

It looks so much better now!

In moving the fridge, he had to switch the sides that the door opens! Our entire freezer door was taken off and lying on my nice clean counter when I walked in!

He had his tools all spread about on the stove and all over the floor!

But it only took him about 20 min and the job was done!!

Love my Handy Dandy Man!

Oh By the Way,

we can do laundry now!!

We are blessed with our own washer and dryer!

This is the 1st time being married that Chris and I have our own!

We just did our laundry at out parents house when we still lived in Cumming and since we moved to NOLA we have been bumming off of friends using their machines to do laundry!

But now we have our own!!

That's What's been Up Doc!!

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