Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't TELL ME He's NOT Real!!

I hope that I can express myself the way that I want to in this blog post.

Ever have a moment, when you just get so emotional,
so amazed,
so overwhelmed,
that you feel like words can't express how wonderful and awesome it is?


Since announcing to family, friends, numerous coworkers, church members, and other personal,

that Chris and I really, REALLY,
were going to New Orleans,
because the Lord told us to.

We have received many weird stares,
awkward conversations,
and non-believers.

Some might just think that we are just here,
just... well
just cause.

But I can
undoubtedly tell you,
we ARE here because the Lord has sent us!!

Let me tell ya some reasons why I know this to be true.

Chris and I are POOR. I mean dirt POOR! I don't make more than chump change.

I mean really. Some of yall can probably find more coins in yalls sofa then I make for a yearly salary.

Yet... somehow Chris and I ALWAYS make his tuition payment.
We always fork up the money for rent!

Let me Just tell you how REAL he is!

Chris WAS JUST telling me that we were finally going to have to most likely get a loan. We have been able to stay debt free throughout all of this and pay for everything in full.

Until about a week ago. It started looking like we were going to have to finally get a student loan for his incredibility expensive schooling.

Well, two days ago the Lord provided the money and MORE!
and more!!

Just how awesome is that!

Right on time:)

No loan for us!! haha take that you unbelievers.
Take that you doubters!

Take that... you people that say we are crazy for doing this,
(well maybe we are a little crazy, but lets not go there)

We sold a car in Georgia, and we are pretty much getting the same amount for the car that we needed for his tuition payment next semester! How cool is that??!!


Ok, next point.

Chris is very good with our money.
Very, very precise!

We have numerous excel documents that can tell you down to the cent what we have spent on groceries and other bills.

Somehow, some reason, some unimaginable miracle.
Our balance always seems to be more than it should be.

Somehow we always make the money to pay our bills and a little more!

It comes from little places all over!
Ten dollars here, maybe Twenty there,
it adds up, and
low and behold,
he provided!

Now DON't TELL Me he's not real!!!

In New Orleans he provided me with a job after just being here for 4 days. Yepp... we moved here and 4 days later I had a job.

Then 3 weeks later I got an even better job as a real teacher!

We have been upgraded in our apartment. We have been blessed with an awesome running car that we don't have to worry to much about breaking down.

We have been majorly blessed with wonderful friends. We are surrounded by amazing people. People who themselves have just truly inspiring backgrounds and are such pleasures to be around!


Don't you try to tell me,

He is NOT real!!

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