Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Excited Dude!

Right now Chris is on cloud nine!

He is so excited,
and it makes me excited to see him to happy:)

Since leaving Southside, where he was preaching 2 sermons every Sunday,
Chris and really missed being behind the pulpit.

When we go to different churches he just tells me that he has such as strong pull and urge to be standing up there presenting the word!

Welp, last night Chris got a call from
New Orleans Chinese Baptist Church,
and they want him to preach on November 13!

Now... my first reaction was..

Honey, we aint Chinese.

Are they thinking that we speak Chinese?

Did you tell them that you don't speak Chinese?

because... there might be just a little problem:)

This church has two services. One Church service is done in Chinese, and then another one is done in English.

Chris will be preaching the English service.
This serice is for more the younger population and those that are Chinese origin but were raised in America and are more comfortable with English.

Chris is so excited! I mean seriously,
he is ready to get up there!

It makes me so happy to see him happy.

This church is currently looking for an English part time or full time pastor.

They are looking at several candidates.

Please be in prayer that God will preset his will.

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