Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have written about 72 blog entries so far, and it just now sprang on me, that I need to write one devoted to the Word's Greatest,
mother in law!!

Recently I have heard several seminary wives speak about their MIL's in my women's ministry class,

and sometimes some of the things that they have to say,
ain't always so nice or great!

I can truly, honestly, and whole-heartedly say that I love my mother in law just as much as anyone else in my family!

Top Reasons Why

-She has an 'eye.' Now some of y'all are thinking, "What??!?" of course she has an eye. Didn't the good Lord bless us all with eyeballs in our heads!

But no, I mean she has AN 'eye!!'
She is one of the most nifty persons that I know. She knows the best decorating tips, fashion accessories, food endeavors, baby blessings, etiquette credentials, ... and on and on and ON!

Pretty much.... she sure can PLAN one heck of a party!
Bridal showers, lunch ins, baby showers, engagement parties, WEDDINGS, or even the simple family get together, she knows how to add that touch to make it special!

- She LOVES me!! Yea, yea, it might sound corny, but I know she loves me! We don't hang up the phone without her saying, "I love you!" Sometimes I will try to say it first, and beat her too it, but she always has a way of sliding it in there! I love the MANY ways that she has been there for me! She excepted me as a part of her sweet family very early on while Chris and I were dating! She has even given numerous advice on several different situations. She always is generous with me and so kind!

-She knows that she can correct me when I am wrong, and I am so grateful for that! I love the real-relationship that we have! Sometimes life aint just daisies and roses! We are comfortable with each other to be able to discuss those hard matters, but move on and love each other more for it! I know that she will help me out in those situations in life that aren't always so easy, and she is ALWAYS one of those people that I can count on to be honest and tell me the correct way to do things!

-My future. Without getting all technical here, when I think about it. She is the one who has blessed ME with my future. She raised her sweet son to become my husband. Who will one day bless me with children! In many ways, my mother in law has had one of the hugest impacts on my life!
Without her I would not have the Greatest, most Wonderful, Sweet husband, and that would mean that I would not ONE DAY have the cutest little babies ever!

So Christi I love you so much! I pray for you and Gary pretty much every night before I go to sleep! I pray for many blessings and good days. I pray for our future together! I pray that my children will one day be blessed by y'alls families good looks, great humor, and AMAZING skinny metabolisms:)

I no longer just see your as my mother in law,
I see you as my mother in love!

So glad that I have you as a MIL!!

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  1. I am so happy that you love Christi so much! I am also blessed to call her one of my best friends!