Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's Go Pioneers!

is the best!!

Went last night to our homecoming football game!

It was so neat seeing some of my firsties outside of class!

It was also sooooo funny seeing some of their reactions to
Mr. Bagley!!
Soooo FUNNY!!!

Some of my kids got so embarrassed, while one just goes,
"So THAT'S Mr. Bagley!! ohhhhhhh"

The mind of a 6 year old!! haha

Some of my girls from my class are cheerleaders. They let them go out on the field with the big cheerleaders during half time.
In this picture one of my girls is in the back. You can tell she is mine because she is in the middle, back row, and is the shortest one out there!

They were soooo cute!!

IT was COOLD!! I took my Georgia Bulldog fleece blanket!

Not that I am ashamed of being a GA girl, but I did keep the blanket with the inside part out.

I DO NOT want to get SHOT!!

People down here take their LSU tigers sooooooo Seriously!
People get killed over it!

We had a great time!

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