Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chinese Church

This morning Chris preached at the English Service at
New Orleans Chinese Baptist Church.

He did great and I was one very proud wifie:)

Everyone at the church was so sweet!

Every Sunday after church they all eat lunch together.

I did not take a picture of the actual food that we ate because that would be rude, but I found a picture on google that is exactly like what we ate.

Yepp, that is tofu and ground beef!

It was so SPICY that it looked like I was crying while I was eating:)

We also had white rice and raspberry tea.

They called the raspberry tea, sweet tea, and it was definitely not like what I was used too!

It was such a wonderful experience! I learned a lot about Chinese customs and I love seeing the children!

Chinese babies are just so cute and I loved seeing them running around.

I even played a little ball with one of the little cuties:)

Had a great time and a wonderful experience!

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