Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coupon Diva

OK ok, so my hubs thinks I am a little crazy!

But I just LOVE free stuff!!

I have really REALLY gotten pretty good at coupons!!

The picture of my toothpaste above doesn't count the two tubes that Chris and I have open in the bathroom right now, or the 3 tubes that I have in my car to pass out to the homeless people on the streets.

So in all I have gotten 13 tubes of cheap or free toothpaste!
Most of them have been free, but I did spend 35 cents on some of the Crest proheaths!

I WILL only get toothpaste if it is free:)

I just recently stocked up on toilet paper:)

Did really good on these. I think it was something like $1.50 per pack!?

not bad, not bad!
I would love to be able to get FREE toilet paper to pass out to the homeless people with my toothpaste as well, but haven't seen a good free deal for it yet:(

I only have a little stock pile up of laundry detergent! I want to really get more, but again I WILL only buy this stuff when it is REALLY really cheep!

I also have gotten numerous body washes, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, tooth brushes, razors, medicines,
and on and on for FREE or almost free!

I know it might sound just plain silly to be passing out toothpaste to the homeless, but as I drive home from work everyday, I always see someone standing out on the street somewhere holding a sign for money.

Now, just personally Chris and I don't have the money to be passing out every time we see someone, and sometimes I wonder if their money is going toward drugs or such.

So I just feel just fine and dandy passing out a free tube of toothpaste!

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