Thursday, November 24, 2011

What We've been up to

So the last couple of days we have been in good o' Georgia.

It was nice riding up 400 and spotin' all the familiar signs and spots.
Rodes that Chris and I have traveled on many times.

We have been busy busy busy.

We got in Ga on Saturday mornin' bout 1 o'clock
and went to bed.

Since we woke up on Saturday afternoon we have been goin, goin, gone!!

It has been such a blast to spend such good time with our greatest blessings, Our families!

On Tuesday my mom and I went to the mart in Atlanta. The mart in HOTlanta is
a magical place filled with unicorns, rainbows, and cotton candy!!

Naww..... it is 14 stories of amazing jewelry, purses,
 nick-nacks, clothing, to sum it up,
it is a magical wonderland....
for girls!!

Outside the mart was the Atlanta Peachtree Christmas Tree all set up.

We went and took our picture by it.

Of course if you know my mom and I, we gonna have some fun:)

On Turkey day we spend great time with Chris's side of the family,
The Bagleys!

We played corn hole and washers.

Having a blast in GA! I don't want to leave on Saturday:(

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