Sunday, January 29, 2012


quails are going to be kickin the dust,
cause my man,
is going...

..wait for it...

quail huntin'!!

Let's just say he is just a little excited:)

Chris has never been quail huntin before
so this is a new experience.

He is SUPER excited!

So excited that he called his daddy and brother late last night just to tell them.

I think when both their phones went off that late at night they were expecting some kind of bigger news.
But Chris just had to tell them his BIG news!

So now...

I have to cook the quail.

I have never eaten quail before,
never seen a dead quail,
never, never, never.

How am I supposed to cook this thing??

Am I going to like it??


1 comment:

  1. WEELLLL! If you ain't the darndest couple. So...Chris is going quail hunting. Well Megan, cooking ain't the hard part, cleaning'em is. But I'm sure you'll do fine. I was talking to Grandma Jeanine Sunday night and she was telling me about your blog. So I decided to give you a shout and say that Vicki and I are so proud of you guys. I would be proud to call you my own children and I know you're parents truly are. Anyway, you guys have fun and we will see you sometime, unless you move too far away. A road trip on the Harley to New Awlins sounds good to me. God Bless, and we love you guys. Steve & Vicki